We are hands-on and results driven

GMC has developed unique real estate projects in Western Canada since 1999. We partner with investors that desire to achieve superior returns on real estate but do not have the time or experience to handle the day-to-day activities that successful real estate investment requires. We invest money in every project. We provide creative ideas to add value to existing properties whether by change of use or improving efficiencies and thereby income. We are experienced in all areas of property management, leasing, project management, financing and legal aspects of real estate, whether it is retail, office, residential, industrial, hospitality or a combination of uses. GMC works with an experienced group of tried and true trades and professional consultants that we have ongoing relations with. We only carry on our business in locations where we understand the market, the regulators and our competition. We only take on projects that we know that we can successfully perform. GMC focuses on real estate that generates real returns for all participants. We are "hands-on", "cost conscious" and "results driven." We get our hands dirty. We like what we do!

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